Thursday, September 06, 2007

25 things on a Wednesday night

25 things we like at 'I didn't know there was baseball in Ireland?!' on Wednesday night

1. We like Matt Clement throwing a great BP session at Fenway pre game tonight, with many of his team mates watching. He has, very quietly, worked extremely hard to get back to work. We applaud.

2. We like Jacoby Ellsbury's respect for his Native American heritage.

Ellsbury - speed kills

3. We like Jake Peavy demanding the ball on three days rest with the Padres in the thick of a division battle.

4. We like 9 pitch, 1-2-3 first innings for Curt Schilling against Toronto.

5. We very much like Rick Ankiel's amazing resurgence. More power to the lad.

6. We like not having to hear about Barry Bonds anymore.

7. We really like this part of the sporting calender. The NFL is about to start, MLB is cruising into fifth gear and the English Premiership and European Champions league is getting kick started. We are absolutely spoiled for choice.

8. We like our chances in our fantasy football league here in Dublin, having selected LT with the first pick (plus picked up some nice sleepers like Vincent Jackson too).

9. We really like Sorrento, in Italy. Beautiful. Fond memories.

10. We like watching Reggie Bush play football. He made me jump up off the sofa about seven times last season. Hurricane's second baseman Andy Martin got a great pick up with him in our fantasy football draft.

11. We childishly like the early 2007 season baseball headline 'Rangers pound Wang'.

12. We also love the old sports (cricket, don't ask) headline 'England's failures may be because they are useless'.

13. We like Clay Buchholz.

14. We like BC's Matt Ryan (Just the five touchdown passes and more than 400 yards passing in BC's college football season opening win over Wake Forest).

Matt Ryan - played a half a season on a broken foot. That's Nails.

15. We like the Boston Celtics signing Glen "Big Baby" Davis.

16. We like Pedro's classy, winning return. Punchado, Petey.

17. We like that a off licence (liquor store) in Ranelagh, about 20 minutes away from me, has started stocking Sam Adams.

18. We like flopping a nut flush in holdem' poker.

19. We really like seven game leads in the AL East as late as 6th September.

20. We like 'Minutes to midnight' by Linkin Park and 'When your heart stops beating' by +44. The new 'Bloodhound gang' single is not only hilarious it's pretty sharp too. I wish I could link the video (which is on youtube) but this is a family blog.

21. We think 'Friday night lights' is actually the best football movie ever made. And we make no excuses for that. Great flick.

22. We think 'the Bourne Ultimatum' is hands down the best movie of 2007.

23. We like Papelbon's enthusiasm.

24. We like reading Bill Simmons, Eric Wilbur, Greg Easterbrook and Nick Caffardo.

25. Finally, we like watching Jon Lester pitch. Nails.



Devin Jessup said...

You have to respect Peavy's decision to take the ball. Didn't work out for him, though- not that I'm too broken up over that.

Thanks for stopping by!

Cormac said...

Not at all, great article, best I found on Peavy pitching on short rest, thanks.

A Dad to little RS Fans said...

Hey! I like all of that too!

I don't like when the bullpen gives up a lead in the 8th and the 9th and losses a game, but I like that fact that we can't be caught and the AL East is ours.

I like the idea of taking care of Cleveland in the 1st round and I like most of all (if they even get there?) that California has NY in the other 1st round series!

I like the idea of winning another World Series!

I like the idea of this team being good for many years to come!

I especially like the idea of my kids growing up in New England and getting a a chance to play baseball at mini-Fenway Park!!!!

Irish National baseball team

Irish National baseball team
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