Thursday, December 20, 2007

College Bowl mania! Day one.

Oh baby I love this part of the sporting calender. Oh baby. The NFL playoffs are looming, there are about fifty fantastic English Premiership games on over Christmas and not to mention the great festive season horse racing program. Then there is the do-or-die, Kamikaze like College football bowl games.

The bowl season starts in earnest tonight with a cracking little showdown between the boys in the NAVY and UTAH in the Poinsettia bowl. Deciding who to root for was easy, Navy don't run the 'Option offense', they run the TRIPLE option offense. What's not to love about that?!

Plus they are +8 here in Ireland, while I believe the spread is only +7.5 in the States? You honestly would not believe the amount of times that stupid little +.05 comes into play, honestly, you wouldn't. Unless your name is Andy, Lorcan or Vegas, and then you know exactly what I am on about.

Anyway let's kick the Bowl season off with a selection in tonight's game. With the best running attack in the nation and a hefty 8 point handicap, only a fool or someone called Jason would pick against Navy! I am no fool, and I am definitely not called Jason. So my selection was inevitable.

Bowl season picks section

Total Score (to date): 0 pts

Max Possible Score: 528 pts

Correct Picks: 0/0

Friendly wagers sub section

I am also going to keep track of my friendly wagers, right here in this sub section. Gotta love the sub sections.

Friendly wagers running score ---> 1-0
Active selection: Navy +8 to beat Utah
Most recent selection: Arsenal -1 (12th Oct v Reading, English Premiership) Arsenal wins 3-1

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Anonymous said...

I think the prediction for the Arsenal game was the same for the Middlesboro game also though

Cormac said...

This, my friends, was a winner.

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Irish National baseball team
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