Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Le Bron. Le idiot.

It would appear Le Bron James simply doesn't get it.

Plenty of reports going round tonight that fans in Cleveland are getting fed up with his very public displays of loyalty towards franchises such as the Yankees and the Cowboys.

I seem to recall Celtics forward Eric Williams was a big Yankee fan, and admittedly he wasn't quite Le Bron's level, however he never rubbed his love for the Yankees in the Boston populace's face. Le Bron seems to be going out of his way to upset people in Cleveland.

It's kind of childish and ugly.

Thing is, this isn't a new, breaking story. This has been going on since last October, when Le Bron turned up at Jacobs field in a Yankee hat! What a clown. That sure turned out well for both him and the Yankees though, in hindsight!

Bottom line, nobody is saying Le Bron has to root for Cleveland teams, however would it really break him to just keep his Yankee and Cowboy loving under the radar? Does he really have to forcefully shove it in the face of his adoring fans?

Just shows, you can have all the money in the world and still posses zero class and even less common sense.



Brian said...

Reminds me of the time Tom Brady was pictured with a Yankees hat - remember that? Maybe it was Gisele's fault...

Cormac said...

Well, true, however the circumstances were very different, Brady was trying to hide from the media. Anyway, the context doesn't match here, Le bron goes out of his way to turn up and support teams like the yanks and Cowboys, Brady does the same in Boston however goes out of his way to support the Celtics and Red Sox. Clearly they are working on different levels, in terms of their understanding of how a fan would take this.

john said...

Great post. I think the most disgusting part of this is that LeBron didn't pay a dime for his seats at Jacobs Field, nor do I think he ever has paid for a ticket to any Cleveland sporting event. Meanwhile, his fans are paying hard earned money for overpriced seats, just to see their city's biggest star flaunt his allegiance to another team.

By the way, nothing against the Yankees or the Cowboys, but if you root for both, you're really only rooting for a brand, not a team.

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