Wednesday, July 15, 2009

He is so money - part five of five

Everyone has them. Well, every male 18-79 has them. Those athletes that have won them a considerable amount of money, and thus become the object of same male 18-79’s affection. Forever, often. They can change sporting franchise, they can change country, they can change their name, doesn’t matter, the besotted male is going to always have a place for them in their heart. You know the guys we’re talking about here. You know the situation too. You had a stack of cash on a team, but the opposition is battering the goodness gracious out of your team and it is looking grim. Suddenly out of nowhere, your guy steps in, and quite literally single handedly saves the day.

Of course it isn’t always disaster recovery.

Sometimes it is just out and out domination. Maybe your guy dropped 48 on someone in the NBA. Maybe they scored twice in the World Cup Final. Maybe they struck out 17 in Yankees Stadium. Add it all up and the answer is always the same, you benefited financially from said performance, and like an elephant, you will never forget.

Let’s meet my guys.

He is so money - part five of five
Zinedine 'Zu Zu' Zidane

Ah Zu Zu. Frankly, and I mean this with all possible sincerity, however bad it makes me look, Zidane could have laid that Italian villain out with an uppercut to the jaw and I would still see no wrong in his actions.

Why so, apart from my own questionable morals?

Two reasons, two bets, two wins. Zu Zu delivered (in sensational fashion) and thus whatever way he wants to roll is fine by me. First off there was the sensational 1998 World Cup Final, where the wonderful French team swept all before them, including Brazil in the final, 3-0. My personal love affair with Zu Zu started here.

A local independent bookie was trying a new fangled bet where if you backed a player to score first, and he did and then went on to score one or two more goals, they either doubled or trebled your odds. Zu Zu Zidane, 14/1. The French magician scored twice. You do the math!

After all is said and done though, it is never all about the money. Zidane was a joy to watch, a rare, regal player who drifted effortlessly across the pitch. He always seemed to have more time on the ball than anyone else. It also isn't just about the football. Zidane was an eloquent and forceful vocal opponent of the French far right in the 2002 French election, unafraid to come out and speak his mind against their fascist ideals.

His finest moment? Well, the moment I will remember and adore him for most anyway, was the incredible, magical goal he scored in the 2002 Champions League final.

Just magnificent. Plus, I know somebody who might possibly have had a few bob on Zidane to score at 'any time' in that final, at superb odds of 6/1, you would be lucky to get even money in this day and age. Damn recession.

Ah Zu Zu, they broke the mould, they shattered the mould.

He is so money.


Brian said...

Ever see that movie they made about Zizou? He's filmed with 15 odd camera's from around the pitch in one Real Madrid game. That's all the movie is, bar half time, which show some ther random sequences from the days events. Excellent stuff!
Found the link:

Cormac said...

No but ill be checking it out now, thanks for the tip

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Irish National baseball team
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