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Mailbag time - 09/03/09

Reading the mail this Monday afternoon

In the bag; Jim Rome v Jim Everett redux, Rugby v Football: which is tougher, leaving Matt Leinart alone, Nommie..

Jim Everett v Jim Rome: A classic

Always good to start with an anonymous rant! How about this imbilcillic, illiterate, inane poster. He wrote in to respond to this posting on the famous Jim Rome v Jim Everett showdown, during which I commented that

''His comments of soccer LOL.. soccer isnt popular in america if u didnt notice, and most people dont give a damn about it...LOLOLOL ''

Well, a 'lol' to you too sir! Apparently the English language isn't very popular wherever you are, compadré.

Leave Matt alone, jerk!

This from 'Bob' in Chicago;

''Whats your problem with matt leinart? he has accomplished more in life than you ever will, jerk''

Well, Bobby, you have that right, I will never reach the heights of bong usage that Leinart has assomplished. That's what you meant, right?

Rugby v Football: which is tougher?

Of course not all the mail we at Boston Irish get is hate mail, sometimes you end up feeling good about what you write, thanks to people like Luke from Georgia;

Hey Cormac, I don't use blogger so I couldn't comment, but I loved that blog entry on the American Football/Rugby comparison. I stumbled upon it while googling the topic. It's awesome to see that American Football has some international fans as I rarely hear of such a thing (in fact, my co-workers British boyfriend refers to it as "the queer man's rugby"...I wonder exactly how queer he would think it was after taking a helmet-to-helmet...too much pain for me to think about right now). And upon reading that entry, I checked out the Irish American Football League too. Pretty cool. I'm from Georgia, USA - Falcons country, although I root for the New Orleans Saints. My Madden 09 team is the Bills though; Super underrated and with Marshawn Lynch, their power running game is brutal. Anyways, I won't take up too much of your time. Just thought I'd drop you a line. I appreciated the article and the insight on international American Football support. Thanks, Luke

Luke, thank you for the nice email! Irish American football is slowly growing, as is football all around Europe, it won't be long before people recognise it as a tougher sport than rugby. Having played both there is simply no comparison, football is a more violent and dangerous sport. Not to say Rugby isn't a very tough sport, it sure is, particularly when played at a high level, it just doesn't hold a candle to football. Now, that's not necessarily a good thing of course! However that's another story for another day!


I have to admit I do miss Nomar almost as much as this guy. Not recent sulky Nomar though, the old 'young Nomar' that blasted ten runs in against Seattle, and whipped the ball across the diamond like a cobra. This from Tommy in Boston;

''Your post with the Nomar picture really made me remember the great years he spent with the Bo Sox and made the think what might have been had things been handled differently. Nomar should have been with the Sox for life, that's just one mans opinion though. Keep up the good work''

Someday somebody (Jeff Pearlman, right man, right job?) is going to sit down and tackle the whole Nomar story, from the glossy beginnings to the gory ending. Hey, wouldn't it be great to know what people like Nomar actually thought of certain situations, I mean, how about Nomar's thoughts on that famous night at Fenway where he sat sulking (or appearing to sulk) in the dugout while Jeter dove into the stands after a pop up? Realistically, we probably will never know.

Playing us out tonight, Snow Patrol, with 'Crack the shutters', which is pretty nice, I think.

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