Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The five biggest clowns in sports. Clown number four.

So, anyway, there are some particularly annoying, grating, individuals in sports these days, let's face it. From the inane to the asinine and back again, there's a couple of athletes that really get under ones skin.

Here's one of them.

Me first. I. Me. Ronaldo, the selfish, introverted Manchester United striker, should just go ahead and change the name on the back of his jersey to ‘Me’, his selfishness is that forthright and obvious. As a young striker a couple of years ago, Ronaldo was, admittedly, fun to watch. He ran hard, ran for 90 minutes, and was always quick with a smile and was even spotted on tour in Ireland having a kick around with kids in a park. Then fame and fortune stepped in.

Ronaldo was most recently seen being substituted in Manchester United’s weekend league match. When his legendary manager. Alex Ferguson, called him ashore, Ronaldo responded with a petulant, pathetic, childish, arm-waving, gesticulating and whining display any spoilt five year old would be proud of.

Dive! Dive! Dive!

The lad has gone full circle, from being a relatively fun loving, humble, friendly individual, to a full blown prima donna who has no problems putting himself ahead of the rest of the team. His ugly side dealings with Real Madrid as United look forward to the Champions League final are in direct comparison to the wonderful Lionel Messi’s recent request that he stay a Barcelona player for life. Messi insisted he would take a ‘home town discount’ to stay at Barcelona, there would be two hopes of Ronaldo issuing a statement like this, and Bob just left town.

Ronaldo is in a dream situation, at a club that will challenge for league titles and the prestigious Champions League for the next decade at least. Instead he is openly courting advances from a sad shell of a team that capitulated 2-6 to Barcelona not more than a week ago. Real Madrid are a rotten, bloated corpse of a team and do not have a bright immediate future in any shape or form. So why the move? As Smooth Lester Freamon would say on ‘The Wire’, ‘Cash Money’. Ronaldo is all about the bling bling.

Smooth Lester Freamon - way cooler than Ronaldo

Ronaldo isn’t as much playing football this season as ‘going through the motions’ Last season, when his head was in the right place, he scored a veritable bucket of goals. This season? He is a borderline liability at times (as mirrored by Ferguson’s substitution with over a half hour to go last weekend). He doesn’t tackle, at all. He doesn’t track-back, meaning his full-back is often left exposed. He is diving even more than he used to. Diving, flopping, or ‘simulating’ as FIFA like to call it. He is calling out his own team-mates after a bad pass or any mistake on the pitch. He is openly flirting with Real Madrid as his club approaches the eve of one of the biggest games in its entire history.

He is, in short, a clown.

The five biggest clowns in sports

Clown #1 -
Clown #2 -
Clown #3 -
Clown #4 - Ronaldo (not cool old, fat Ronaldo, new annoying one)
Clown #5 - A-Rod


Shane said...

I only follow football tangentially, so this might be a silly question, but why was ManU in blue jerseys this past week or so?

Cormac said...

Just their road jersey. Traditional United colours (not).

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