Monday, June 15, 2009

The five biggest clowns in sports. Clown number three

So, anyway, there are some particularly annoying, grating, individuals in sports these days, let's face it. From the inane to the asinine and back again, there's a couple of athletes that really get under ones skin.

Here's one of them.

Congratulations to this particular sporting clown. He just finished off one of the least enjoyable NBA finals ever. Plus he was already the 'highlight' of a sycophantic, boring Spike Lee joint which almost nobody saw on ESPN recently. (This blog has already dealt in length with the 'Kobe doin' work' abomination) Things are really going great for this sporting clown.

The best part is, couldn't happen to a nice guy, right? Oh, wait...

Where do you start with Kobe Bryant? Obviously it all starts and ends with his beating a rape charge, after which he came out and said;

''Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did''

If you ever, ever feel yourself warming to Kobe, just take a deep breath and read the full police report on the incident. After you have taken a shower to remove the pervasive feeling of sleaze, you will be back to normal, or at the very least no longer warming to the clown.

Although the heinous rape charge incident is clearly the badge/label he will wear for the rest of his life, there's plenty of other reasons to not like the guy. From his 'me first' attitude to his disgusting calling-out of his own team mates on the floor, Kobe is about as enjoyable to watch as a dentist at work.

His narcissism truly knows no bounds.

His own team mates don't like him and his coach, Phil Jackson, spent many a paragraph of his biography absolutely slating the guy.

That fall, Jackson released The Last Season, a book which describes his point of view of the tensions that surrounded the 2003–04 Lakers team. The book was pointedly critical of Kobe Bryant; at one point, Jackson called Bryant "uncoachable."

Plus, he is dirty, too. Kobe likes elbowing opponents. In the face. He's a tough, guy, see?

When you add it all up, what do you get? A self obsessed, ego maniac who plays dirty both on and off the court, a guy who nobody seems to enjoy working/playing with and a guy who's own head coach has gone to great lengths character-assassinating in writing.

He is, in short, a clown.

The five biggest clowns in sports

Clown #1 -
Clown #2 -
Clown #3 - Kobe Bryant
Clown #4 - Ronaldo (not cool old, fat Ronaldo, new annoying one)
Clown #5 - A-Rod


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