Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Irish baseball league update: Hurricanes 5 Spartans 4

The beautiful Irish bank holiday weekend past brought with it a terrific game of baseball between the two best clubs in Irish baseball history, the Dublin Hurricanes and the Dublin Spartans. In a game which mirrored last seasons epic twelve inning affair, this time it took eleven innings to separate the two legendary rivals.

The banner matchup produced some clutch hitting, pitching and defence as both teams strained to gain the upper hand. The clubs were tied at 3-3 after seven. The Spartans eeked out a run in the top of the ninth however the Hurricanes managed to respond, sending the tight encounter into the tenth. In the top of the eleventh the Spartans celebrated wildly as they scraped together a run. With both teams looking tired under the burning mid day sun, that run looked crucial. The veteran Canes side were undaunted. José led off the bottom of the eleventh and was hit by a pitch. Mike Johnson then dropped a banner bunt down the third base line, reaching easily, so much so the third baseman didn't even make a throw.

Both base runners advanced when the Spartans relief pitcher threw wildly to first. The Hurricanes tough-as-nails catcher Dan Barry then got up and smashed a double to left field. José scored easily and Mike Johnson ran hard to score from second, sliding home to beat the throw. The Hurricanes were winners, 5-4.

For the 'Canes, catcher Dan Barry, outfielders Andy Martin andTom Kelley, and third base man Jeremias made some banner defensive plays. Kelley, who is this season playing some of the best center field defence seen in Irish league history, has made five or six highlight reel catches already this season and is easily the defensive MVP in Irish baseball thus far. His circus act in center has taken at least a run off the ERA of Hurricanes pitching.

The hard fought Hurricanes victory leaves them at 4-0 and still undefeated in the 2009 Irish baseball season. In their first four games they have faced the Spartans twice and the Blacksox also twice, meaning they have been playing the cream of the crop of Irish baseball, and are still 4-0. The 'Canes play the Northstars on Saturday morning at 11 am at beautiful Corcaigh Park.


Ich bin ein Dubliner said...

Buenos Dias Eker-loaf,

Damo here, of ex-connect and dlg fame, nice blog. But whats with the dissing of X-tiano Ronaldo? Not on lad, not on.

Question for you - are there softball leagues for companies in dublin or days out that can be organised? The 'crew' I work with now are looking to do something like that and I thought you'd be the man to ask, given your status as the forefathers father of Irish baseball... :o)

P.s. no play-offs coverage? Are you serious?

Cormac said...

Damo, good to hear from you, email me!

Cormac.eklof at gmail.com

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