Monday, April 26, 2010

Teams not winning the 2010 World Series: Number two: The Baltimore Orioles

Bad? Yes, definitely. Historically bad? Maybe. The Baltimore Orioles are probably feeling chirpy about themselves this morning after taking a tight win last night over Boston, however reality will set in when they see the standings and remember they have won three games to date.

They are already a whopping 11 games out of first place and we are still in April!

They play the Yankees, Red Sox and Tampa 57 times in ’10. Their next nine games in a row are against New York and Boston. How many of those will they win? What’s the over/under on Baltimore wins for that stretch, 1.5? 2.5 maybe at a push? In ten days time there is a pretty realistic chance that Baltimore’s record will stand at 3-25. Just imagine that for a second. 3-25!

Their Punch and Judy lineup would struggle to survive in the light hitting National League, in the AL East it really has no hope. Their starting pitching is poor, their middle relief is absolutely horrendous. Watching Hendrickson and Albers pitch you have to wonder, where is all the relief pitching gone? Bringing those guys in is the equivalent of throwing gasoline on the fire.

They are not picky about where they lose either. Home/away, doesn’t matter. Oddly enough, they haven’t won at home yet, at all. They are 0-6 at Camden Yards.

Perhaps the biggest kick in the teeth is that Baltimore can’t even cry foul of being bullied financially. They have spent over $90 million on this team, the 12th highest in Major League Baseball! They are no bottom feeder financially. Add to that the fact that they play to a full house most nights, and are based in a baseball hot bed where knowledgeable fans turn up every night to root for their team. The money and the fans are there, all the requirements are there. They just stink.

Having been brought up to always support the underdog, thanks Dad, you would like to find something to cling on to with Baltimore. Something that hints for better days ahead maybe? Fat chance. The Orioles are nothing short of horrendous. They can’t hit, they can’t pitch and their manager is growing angrier and more reactionary by the day. Yesterday against Boston he looked like he might run out on to the field at any stage and go all Lou Pinella on us. A good friend sent me a text asking ‘When did William Shattner start managing the O’s?’ I would edit that by asking ‘When did contemporary, overweight, possibly crazy William Shattner start managing the O’s?’

Either way, this situation is not going to end well in Baltimore. The fact of the matter is, there is absolutely no hope whatsoever that the Baltimore Orioles will win the 2010 World Series.

The full list
Teams that are not going to win the 2010 World Series

1. The Houston Astros
2. The Baltimore Orioles

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