Monday, May 31, 2010

Searching; always with the searching...

As a self confessed nerd, it is completely interesting to see the various statistics, trends and patterns connected to how people find, enter and view this blog/site. Take for example the search engines people use. How's that Yahoo stock you own working out for you, those of you who still own same? From the 90 searches that ended up on this blog this morning, check out how they broke down in terms of search engine used.

That's what you call, domination of your given field.

It is fascinating to look at the keyword searches that lead an unsuspecting, innocent web browser to a certain site.

One reader asked;
  • how do you say hello and good bye in ireland
Glad you asked! 'Hello' is generally accepted as 'Dia duit' which literally translates into 'God be with you'. Goodbye is simply 'Slán', pronounced 'Slaa-w-n'. So, now you are all set!

One of the all-time most popular searches on this site is connected to the hat that Leo Dicaprio wears in 'The Departed', a simple, black Boston Red Sox hat. I get several hits a day emanating from searches akin to;
  • dicaprio red sox hat departed
  • the departed dicaprio red sox cap
  • the departed red sox hat
This tells you that;
  1. People are still watching 'The Departed'
  2. It's a sweet hat
One Internet searcher asked;
  • which sport is tougher rugby or american football?
That's easy, American Football, and I can vouch for that first hand!

Interesting search that came from Boston in the States;
  • irish american baseball players
Assuming they meant from a historical perspective, check out this posting on the famous Irish baseball players of the early part of the last century.

Finally, Ireland played Algeria in a World Cup warm-up for the latter on Friday night. It's kind of cool, to me anyway, to know that all the way over in the States, people are trying to figure out a way to watch the game, if the searches leading to this site are anything to go by.
  • ireland vs Algeria new york
  • where to watch ireland against Algeria
  • ny bar ireland v Algeria
  • ireland on tv in usa
  • ireland on tv dallas
Now my mind is wandering. This is what separates International soccer from other sports. All over the world there are Irish people trying to figure out how to watch Robbie Keane and the lads. I will come out and say it, Dublin, Ireland, is the most exciting, friendly, enjoyable and colourful place in the world when Ireland are in a European Championships or a World Cup. Even the drug addicts wobbling down O'Connell street are in great form, on those occasions.

Wait, how did this posting start?!


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Irish National baseball team

Irish National baseball team
Team Ireland at the European Championships, Croatia, 2000.

A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports

A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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