Friday, November 30, 2007

Garrett asks, I respond. Let's hang on to the stud lefty who clinched the World Series, no?

Good friend Garrett dropped me a line this morning. It read, and I quote;

''Hey dude. What are your thoughts on Santana for Lester/Crisp/Prospects? Must say I’d love to have Santana although I could live with not getting him as long as Yanks didn’t get him?''

I have a couple of lines of thinking on this. First off, I started off being extremely excited about the prospect of the Sox landing Santana. Seemed to me, anything we gave up would be worth the stunning rotation the Sox would have in place.

Then, I realised who the Twins would be taking in return. The crucial part for me is Jon Lester. I feel like the Emperor has no clothes on this one. Um, did anybody, anyone at all, notice Jon Lester blank the Tribe in a gutsy, bullpen saving ALCS relief outing, and then win the clinching game of the World Series against a powerful Rockies lineup? Anyone at all?

Hi, I'm Jon Lester! You might remember me from such games as 'Clinching the '07 World Series'!

The kid is 23, has a plus fastball and a plus curve, has great pitching instincts and cajones that rival Jason Bourne's. The kid is nails.

I can not understand why Boston would give up not only such a fantastic pitcher (not just a prospect, already a pitcher) for a 29 year old that lost thirteen games last year and will cost seven trillion dollars over the next few years if Boston manage to sign him to an extension.

Let me spell this one out for those of you who are ready to pull the trigger faster than Rambo on this one. Say Boston gives up Crisp, Lester, Jed Lowrie and maybe Bulletholes for Santana. Now, not only has Boston lost a stack of talent, it also faces the prospect of only having Santana for one year. He is eligible for free agency next year which is the entire reason the Twins are shopping him around.

That is not good business!

Here's my current thinking. Why not let the Yankees give up their entire farm for him. Say the Yankees give up, as is being discussed right now, Cano, Milky Cabrera and Phillip Hughes, that would leave them with holes all over the infield and outfield, whilst basically upgrading a starting pitcher.

I ask you, say Santana faced the Sox five times in '08, don't you believe that the Sox lineup can win three of those? I do.

Boston already has a shining rotation, and a farm literally chock full of bright futures, why give it all away for a 29 year old that lost thirteen games last season and is probably going to be a one year lease?

One final thought. I read somewhere that, in '97, Boston had to send Carl Pavano and Tony Armas Jnr to get Pedro, and that this was similar.

Absolute rubbish.

Neither Pavano or Armas Jnr had, at that time,. won a freakin' World Series game!! Neither of them had clinched the World Series!

I honestly think giving up a package of talent with Lester, Ellsbury and Bulletholes in it is just too much for a guy that is not the greatest pitcher in MLB. Whatever Sports Guy says.


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