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NFL picks: Week twelve: Breathing a sigh of relief

So can I gloat that I had Stanford -6.5? Can we throw that in there to boost stats? Notre Dame, that's Karma at the door. Anyway, after a hot .700 start this column was depressed to come back down to earth with a bang, however this column then breathed a hefty sigh of relief after surveying the surrounding professional scribes picks percentages. Have you seen them? We're talking often below .500. One in particular that I know a lot of readers of this column subscribe to, he's two under .500. Anyway, sometimes it's nice to know you are hovering slightly above average. In fact, most of the time actually, when you think about it. Slightly above average is the place to be.

Enough with the chit chat. Some NFL post-thanksgiving quick picks.

Previous weeks
Running total - 76-70 ATS
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Essential NFL pick links

Minnesota Vikings (2-8) at Atlanta Falcons (6-4) -9.5
No Adrian Peterson? No chance.
The score: Minnesota 20 Atlanta 33
The pick: Atlanta -9.5

Buffalo Bills (5-5) at New York Jets (5-5) -8.5
No Fred Jackson? No chance! (There's a theme developing here!)
The score: Buffalo 17 New York 30
The pick: New York -8.5

Cleveland Browns (4-6) at Cincinnati Bengals (6-4) -7.5
No players with any discernible talent? No chance!
The score: Cleveland 13 Cincinnati 24
The pick: Cincinnati -7.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-6) at Tennessee Titans (5-5) -3.5
No Hasselback? No chance! (Disclaimer: Obviously adjust accordingly if Hasselback is playing!)
The score: Tampa 20 Tennessee 23
The pick: Tampa +3.5

Carolina Panthers (2-8) at Indianapolis Colts (0-10) +3.5
No wins? No chance!
The score: Carolina 28 Indianapolis 13
The pick: Carolina -3.5

Arizona Cardinals (3-7) at St. Louis Rams (2-8) -3.5
No point in watching other than Steven Jackson!
The score: Arizona 23 St Louis 28
The pick: St Louis -3.5

Houston Texans (7-3) at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7) +3.5
No Schuab? No problem!
The score: Houston 24 Jacksonville 17
The pick: Houston -3.5

Chicago Bears (7-3) at Oakland Raiders (6-4) -4.5
No Cutler? Well, definitely a problem, but that Chicago D can overwhelm Oakland.
The score: Chicago 20 Oakland 17
The pick: Chicago +4.5

Washington Redskins (3-7) at Seattle Seahawks (4-6) -4.5
No believers in Seattle. No reason to pick Washington.
The score: Washington 17 Seattle 24
The pick: Seattle -4.5

Denver Broncos (5-5) at San Diego Chargers (4-6) -6.5
No San Diego throw-back, this aint' your Daddy's Chargers. Plus, Tebow is the second coming. Of Randall Cunningham.
The score: Denver 28 San Diego 26
The pick: Denver +6.5

New England Patriots (7-3) at Philadelphia Eagles (4-6) +3
No Vick? No dream-team.
The score: New England 34 Philly 23
The pick: New England -3

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3) at Kansas City Chiefs (4-6) +10.5
No reasoning behind this pick other than it feels like too many points.
The score: Pittsburgh 26 Kansas 20
The pick: Kansas +10.5

New York Giants (6-4) at New Orleans Saints (7-3) -6.5
No, that's not the good Manning.
The score: New York 20 New Orleans 30
The pick: New Orleans -6.5

Previous weeks
Week one - 11-4Week two - 12-4
Week three - 6-10
Week four - 10-6
Week five - 7-6
Week six - 4-9
Week seven 6-7
Week eight - 7-6
Week nine - 5-9
Week ten - 7-7
Week eleven thus far - 1-2


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