Friday, August 15, 2008

Teams that are not going to win the 2008 World Series: Four for the price of one, bargain Friday!

Here's the 411. Over the next couple of months I am going to crudely single out all but four teams and label them audaciously as having zero chance of winning the 2008 World Series. What will this arrogance get me? Nothing bar a torrent of abuse in the event I get it wrong and one of the chosen gang of Chug Monkeys turns out to be the World Series champs. Let's start insulting people!

Clearing out the closet today. Four teams with no hope of winning them world series.

Team one
Eleven games under .500. Shipping out stars like they are going out of fashion. Lost their two big sluggers and their best setup man. An aimless 22-38 on the road. Second in MLB with 656 runs conceded. 656 runs! What in blazes?! Ugly -83 run differential. 0.1 chance of winning the WS. Ladies and Gents, the pathetic Pittsburgh Pirates. The less said about that bunch the better. Just awful.

Team two
Check these ugly statistics out
  • .439 winning percentage
  • 20-40 on the road
  • -76 run differential
  • 3-7 in their last 10
  • 0.1 percent chance of winning the WS
Isn't it just crazy that team played for all the marbles in '07? That's right. The 2008 Colorado Rockies will not be winning the World Series.

Team three
This sorry bunch are a perfect 10 games under .500. They are a pathetic 2-8 in their last 10. Statistics aside, if I was a fan of this bunch, I would be furious at their allegedly genius GM, who has made a name for himself by giving away his best players as soon as the team are in danger of contending. Just think about the pitching Oakland have given away in the last 5-6 years. And for what? Will Oakland ever contend? Certainly not in 2008 anyway. Write this bunch of cheap-skates off.

On the face of it, team four is not totally out of it. However, you know they are, really. They are perfectly mediocre. Not too far off .500, 5-5 their last 10, they have scored a few, they have conceded a few and they might even play spoiler in the run in. You know though, when all is said and done, they will be a good 15-20 games out in the AL East and really, what hope is there in Baltimore for the future? The Baltimore Orioles will not, it is safe to say, win the World Series in 2008. Sorry Pat.

By the by, totally unrelated, well, somewhat related, MLB related anyway, another Friday another super awesome column from Jayson Stark. If you love baseball you will love this.

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