Following the numbers

I have but one question...

A chance for something special

Dennis Leary and Lenny Clarke bringing the house down

The Dublin Hurricanes baseball club get a 'shout out' on FOX

A Hurricane hits FOX during Game one of the World Series.

Celebrate good times, come on...

''Pedroia launches one into left....''

Red Sox players gone wild


You stay classy, Cleveland

Cometh the hour...

Steve Staunton has to go.

Strong men also cry, strong me also cry..

Throwing traffic cones incomplete

Red Sox v Tribe - Let's break it down

Frank Black rocks harder than us

Your boys took a hell of a beating!

Bengal Stormtrooper

ALDS Game 2

Bron-Bron, say it aint so!

Yankee arrogance

Rally Gorillas - chopping it up with Garret Pearse episode 1

In the air tonight

Previewing game one - Angels @ Sox

The ALDS - playoff first round