Thursday, September 18, 2008

Teams that are not going to win the 2008 World Series: Wrapping up the potential losers

Seventeen teams down, just a handful to go. Over the past few months I have crudely singled out all but four teams and labeled them audaciously as having zero chance of winning the 2008 World Series.

We have had the ridiculous (Kansas), we have had the simply awful (The brutal Reds) and we have had the 'destined to choke' (The Mets). Time now to cut to the chase, and get rid of the rest of the 'no hopers', leaving all but eight teams. This means we have to evict five tonight. Excited yet? I'm excited! Let's start insulting people!
  • Team number 18. The Detroit Tigers. No hope. Sorry Dad.
  • Team number 19. I like the Florida Marlins, and they are only five back in the Wild Card, however even if by some miracle they slipped into the show, their pitching would be violated by the best teams in the Majors. Violated.
  • Team number 20. Too little too late for a team that punched above their weight, the St Louis Cardinals. Not happening in '08 fellas, sorry.
  • Team number 21. Can CC Sabathia pitch every day? No? Okay so, sorry Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Team number 22. The Chicago White Sox are quietly falling apart at the seams. They might win the division however it will be one-and-done in the playoffs.

That leaves just eight teams who I believe can actually win the 2008 World Series. Coming soon, we knock another four out of the ring!

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themetsblog said...

I disagree on the Marlins... Well, about their pitching at least. I think they've got some of the best pitching in the NL.

Yes, they would get destroyed by the AL, but the NL is a totally different story.

The Marlins and the Cubs are the only teams with lineups capable of beating the AL.

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Irish National baseball team
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